Maternity Nurses

Maternity nurses usually work on a 24 hour basis, traditionally for 6 days a week, however more and more families are now interested in a 5 or 5½ day option. This allows for family bonding and time to “practice” what the maternity nurse has suggested.

The exact duties of a maternity nurse should be thoroughly discussed and agreed before work commences, but generally speaking a maternity nurse is expected to be responsible for all aspects of a baby’s life, and to help the mother make a full recovery following the baby’s birth. She will be there to help and advise the mother in looking after the baby and to establish a good feeding and sleep pattern.

A maternity nurse will generally be responsible for all nursery duties relating to the baby. This includes their laundry and ironing, ensuring the baby’s nursery and bathroom is neat and tidy and sterilising any equipment. Most maternity nurses will also prepare light meals and drinks for the mother during the day.

Night Nurses

Night nurses are generally employed when a family is looking for some respite at night or when they have limited space in their house. Night nurses generally work between 10 and 12 hours per night and charge an hourly rate of pay. They will be responsible for similar duties to a maternity nurse, but as they are working in the middle of the night there may be some limitations. Night nurses can help to establish a night time routine and, if requested, will also advise on the daytime schedule. Night nurses normally rest between the baby’s feeds; so will require either a bed or comfy chair near to the baby.

Emergency Placements

We also offer an emergency placement service. You may need to secure a maternity nurse at short notice if baby arrives early and your chosen maternity nurse cannot arrive earlier, for mothers who possibly had decided not to have any help but following a difficult labour need extra assistance or just to have a bit of respite at night and catch up on some sleep.


There a few maternity nurses who specialise in offering phone and e-mail support packages for clients who don’t necessarily want someone in their house, but still need extra guidance. These packages cover advice on a wide range of topics including; routine, weaning, sleep training, troubleshooting and general advice. Package costs vary so please call one of our consultants for more information.